DATES:  February 22 - February 24, 2019

EVENT COORDINATOR:  Gabriel Peterman

LOCATION:  Battles and historical presentations will be held at Fort Escondida, the Fandango and Ladies Tea will be held in Socorro at the Garcia Opera House.

To get to Fort Escondida, take I-25 to exit 152 (Escondida - two miles north of the North Socorro exit).  From there, just follow the signs we will be putting up on Thursday before the event. 

REGISTRATION:  A printable registration form is available here

REENACTORS REGISTRATION FEE: $25 for adults, $5 for children, children under 6 no charge.  On site registration will take place at 4 PM on Friday, February 22 at Fort Escondida, Confederate HQ.  At sign in, registered participants will receive a ticket for the raffle. Extra raffle tickets will be available to purchase!  Crystal Schneider is asking for $5 per person for reenactor meals for those eating in camp. There is no admission charge for the public who are just viewing the event!

SCHEDULE (Tentative!): A printable event schedule is available here 


  12:00 PM        Camps open to reenactors

                                                4:00 PM          Camps open to public

                                                3:00-5:00 PM Registration at Confederate HQ


  Fort Escondida

                                                8:00 AM          Reenactor breakfast at mess tent

8:00-10:00 AM Registration at Confederate HQ

                                                9:00 AM          Camps open to public

                                                TBD       Reenactor drill

                                                10:00 AM        Commanders meeting (Fort Escondida)

                                                11:00 AM        Battle of Valverde

                                                12:00 PM        Programs and special exhibits in camps

                                                1:00 PM          Reenactor lunch at the mess tent

1:30 PM Reenactor raffle

                                                                      Garcia Opera House

(Public is encouraged to attend! No charge for public)

                                                3:00 PM          Ladies fashion show and tea

                                                6:30-10 PM     Victorian Dance


  Fort Escondida

                                                8:00 AM         Reenactor breakfast at mess tent

                                                 9:00 AM        Camps open to public

                                                                          Period church service

                                                10:30 AM        Commanders meeting (Confederate HQ)

11:00 AM Commanders Choice Tactical Battle

A variety of presentations with display materials will take place!  Details to come as I get the them.

Exhibits and Presentations

                                                                     Location – By the Confederate camp


VENDORS: By invitation only


CONFEDERATE COMMANDER: TBA                                                                                             

CONTACT/ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Tony Grieco (, or Duncan Peterman (

RAFFLE:  The City of Socorro is providing us with no funding this year, so the raffle is a vital source of revenue!

If you have any interesting items to donate, let us know!

Time is short this year, as are personnel- if you can volunteer to help with the ladies tea, fandango, or with any type of historical presentation, please let me know!


Meals at the mess tent are to be as in previous years - Saturday evening potluck, provided by Friends of Ft. Selden.  A $5 per person donation is requested from those eating in camp, includes Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast. For the Saturday evening potluck, the Friends of Fort Selden will provide the base of the meals, but additions are highly requested to fill-out the meal for all.






(Updated 1-27-2018)